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Our Values

We understand each piece of jewelry to be a reflection of our values, with our investment in sustainability at the forefront. Sustainability is central to our mission to create unique bespoke fine jewelry pieces that are ethically sourced, constructed, and delivered. We continually adopt the best sustainability practices as they become available, strengthening our commitment to creative integrity grounded in social responsibility.



Our supply chain embodies respect for the planet and for each individual who contributes to our company. Each piece of Spinelli Kilcollin’s sustainable jewelry is hand crafted locally in Downtown Los Angeles by a small team of artisans and encased in ethically sourced packaging. Working closely with all of our suppliers, we ensure that each piece of our responsibly sourced jewelry is scrutinized under a strict rubric from conception to completion.

We value natural resources and carbon consciousness at each step of the production process. Our precise adherence to the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties assures us that each element of our products is ethically sourced in alignment with our core values.


Civic Responsibility

At the heart of our ethical stance is a commitment to comprehensive social responsibility. In practice, this looks like enforcing principled labor standards and fair wages throughout the supply chain. We speak up for social justice and support equity across all industries. Through mutually respectful collaborations with diverse partners across business, civil society, and the public sector, we are dedicated to enriching and remaining accountable to our community.



We believe in allowing customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. To that end, we maintain full transparency regarding our evolving environmental initiatives, fair labor practices, and ethical standards.

Transparency is an essential value of Spinelli Kilcollin. From the sourcing of our gems to the creation and arrival of your piece, we believe in providing as much information as possible regarding every step of our supply chain.


Creative Integrity

Since our brand’s inception, creative integrity has been a central tenet of our work. Over the last decade, we have developed a unique and distinguished aesthetic while consistently exploring new creative avenues. We accomplish this through a rigorous creative development process paired with an equally intensive series of production samplings for new products. By establishing close relationships with local artists, craftspeople, developers, and creatives, we support artistic communities while also challenging our own creative horizons. Our immersion in the community keeps us abreast of cultural shifts and innovations, and ensures that the artists at the forefront of cultural innovation maintain a critical role in its development.


Issues We Care About

Our values at Spinelli Kilcollin exist not only in theory, but also in practice. We consistently work to remain accountable to the communities who help bring our vision to life.

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Product Sourcing

We maintain a supply chain that respects the planet and one other. Each piece of our responsibly sourced jewelry is handmade with recycled metals by local artisans in Los Angeles. By using local resources, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and directly oversee a supply chain that abides by ethical labor standards.

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