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Product Sourcing

We maintain a supply chain that respects the planet and one other. Each piece of our responsibly sourced jewelry is handmade with recycled metals by local artisans in Los Angeles. By using local resources, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and directly oversee a supply chain that abides by ethical labor standards.

Ethical sourcing is essential to our ethos at Spinelli Kilcollin. Our recycled metal fine jewelry is made exclusively from repurposed solid 18k gold and .925 silver, while our conflict free diamonds and gems are exclusively sourced through respected suppliers in adherence with the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council System of Warranties. A collaborative effort between international governments, the diamond industry, and civil society organizations, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme outlines detailed stipulations for monitoring rough diamond production and trade. The Kimberley Process’s strict and extensive requirements prevent conflict diamonds from entering trade, ultimately ensuring that all diamonds are conflict free. Likewise, the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties requires buyers and sellers of diamonds to comply with the minimum requirements of the Kimberley Process, not only when diamonds are exported from one region to another but at each stage of trade. Together, our adherence to each of these rigorous systems guarantees that all of our jewelry is responsibly sourced, keeping us accountable to our values and to our community, both regionally and globally.

We take pride in a supply chain that thoroughly considers our social, political, and environmental impact. We consistently work toward greater sustainability by incorporating lab grown and heirloom diamonds in our custom rings and jewelry. Through the use of lab grown diamonds, which utilize considerably less energy than those developed in mines, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint. And by utilizing heirloom diamonds, we design individualized, custom pieces that honor the past while upholding contemporary ethical standards.