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These Mettle & Loam offerings include four concoctions specially selected by SK from Mettle & Loam's healing apothecary. 

Mettle & Loam founder Alanna Whitney is a clinical herbalist and educator, queer femme mamma and medicine maker, clinical nutritionist, kitchen witch, and lover of the wilds. Her herbalism practice and natural apothecary, based in Santa Fe, is rooted in a desire to make plant medicine accessible to a larger population. Trained at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and the Eclectic School of Clinical Herbalism, Whitney is now pursuing a nursing degree in order to integrate functional medicine into traditional models, i.e. making it a viable option for those who can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket. With products like the moisturizing High Desert Serum and the stress-soothing Roots of Resilience elixir—made of ingredients she harvests from the mountains and forests of northern New Mexico—Whitney is also bringing her savoir faire to Spinelli Kilcollin just in time for the holidays.

High Desert Serum

This facial serum is special magic for desert dwellers with dry & sensitive skin. 

  • Scented with precious oils of plantation grown sandalwood and neroli

  • Olive squalane is antioxidant, powerfully healing, and suitable for both oily and dry skin because it is identical to the lipids in our own skin. That makes it pro for helping to deliver nutrients into the skin and keeping things deeply moisturized.

  • Prickly pear seed oil is luxuriously light and also super rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which soothe, protect, and calm irritated skin. It also carries with it some of the magical resilience of desert plants who know how to live when it’s interminably dry. Prickly pear seed oil also helps promote collagen regeneration, making it awesome for aging skin.

  • Rosehip seed oil is deeply hydrating and rich in vitamins C & A & E (collectively helping to reduce oxidative damage and restoring your stressed out skin) and essential fatty acids that help restore elasticity and you know, your glow

  • Cranberry seed oil has an ideal ratio of essential fatty acids (elasticity! youth!) and an array of tocotrienols and tocopherols (different forms of Vitamin E that are amazing antioxidants), and the most gorgeous deep golden color.

  • Jojoba oil infused with orange blossoms is dreamy and provides long lasting moisture (because it’s actually a wax like our own skin sebum) without being greasy or oily, and is dense with skin nourishing vitamins and minerals!

To use: this serum is delicious, super concentrated. Use 6-8 drops on moist skin. Each 1 oz frosted glass bottle contains 75-100 ‘doses’ so it lasts a long time.


San Ysidro Bitters 

This aromatic bitter formula is borne from and inspired by land & home. We live amidst the piñon-juniper forest in the high desert of northern New Mexico, and almost each bit of this bitters formula was harvested from our own little corner of home. 

These bitters taste like the high desert - like rain soaked juniper wood and piñon cones. High desert magic plus juniper berries, piñon leaves & twigs, some of our local artemisias (aka sagebrush) and the ubiquitous Russian sage. The combination of bitters and aromatics make for the perfect potion to prime digestion. Take 5-20 drops before a meal, in fizzy water, or use as a cocktail bitter.  


List Maker's Delight Tincture

List-Maker’s Delight is a tincture formula for tightly wound list-makers who need help slowing down.

What does it take to slow down? How do we shift out of the drive for productivity and efficiency and always going? This formula has components for calming a racing mind (vervain, pedicularis, lemon balm) and softening & cooling the heart (peach & linden). All of the herbs in this formula double as relaxants for anxiety in addition to their individual affinities - pedicularis & vervain can help relax muscle tension, peach and lemon balm can calm irritated bellies, linden and peach have special magic for overwrought minds and hearts.

This formula is one of our go-to’s for change makers, organizers, and brave hearts. Take as often as needed. 


Roots of Resilience Elixir  

Mettle & Loam's version of an adaptogenic formula, this elixir is for when you can’t, but you have to. It contains grounding, aromatic roots (aralia & calamus) for remembering our animal bodies when things get too much with sweet & resinous berries (aralia & schisandra & hawthorn) for recalling sweetness and levity and resilience, with tulsi for recalling who you are.

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