7mm Half Round Silver

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7mm Half Round Silver



The 7mm Half Round displays a wide landscape of lustrous 18k yellow gold or .925 sterling silver with a curved silhouette and flat inner edge. Confident as both a standalone feature and as a stackable element, the 7mm Half Round emphasizes Spinelli Kilcollin's concentration on modularity and versatility.

  • Band: .925 sterling silver
    • 7mm gauge

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Each piece of Spinelli Kilcollin fine jewelry is sourced locally and handmade to order in downtown Los Angeles. If the piece you have ordered is in stock, we will be in touch with you right away to coordinate shipping. At this time, due to pandemic related production issues our expected lead time is 8 - 10 weeks. Discover How It's Made.

Each piece of Spinelli Kilcollin jewelry is ethically and sustainably made locally in Downtown Los Angeles with an emphasis on using certified recycled metals and prioritizing low carbon emissions.

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