Close-up image of the interior of a Spinelli Kilcollin silver ring with ".925" and "SK" hallmark stamps featured on white background

More than a Hallmark

In the world of luxury jewelry, Spinelli Kilcollin is synonymous with innovation, quality, and craftsmanship. Best known for its inventive linked rings, often seen in a mix of metals with and without diamonds, Spinelli Kilcollin’s design origin was crafted from pure sterling silver. “Silver is more than just a hallmark or a metal to us,” says co-founder Yves Spinelli (he/him), “it’s a symbol of the company’s creation, family and partnerships along the way.” Prior to the brand’s creation, Yves Spinelli hand-made the first linked ring from sterling silver with the help of his father, Antoine Spinelli, a skilled metalsmith in his own right. Yves met Dwyer (they/them) shortly after, and made a second ring for them. “We couldn’t have anticipated what that first piece would mean for us,” Yves Spinelli adds, “and how much the material would influence the brand for years to come.”

The success of their first ring was immediate. “We would be approached by friends, and sometimes even strangers, asking where they could buy their own” remarks Yves. “The affordability and style of pure sterling silver made the design easy to wear,” adds Dwyer. And so, the brand was born. While Dwyer Kilcollin went on to develop a design language and collection based around the concept of pure materials and elemental shapes, Yves Spinelli began to build relationships with stores that would inaugurate the brand’s initial debut.

This latest .925 Collection release, aptly named for the universal jeweler’s mark for sterling silver, pays homage to the material that holds a special place in Spinelli Kilcollin's history and philosophy. At the heart of the .925 Collection lies a deep appreciation for the history of medium, and the purpose it brings to the brand. “We sought out to highlight the material first, so we brought silver to the forefront,” says Dwyer Kilcollin, “we’re choosing to create new styles in all .925 sterling silver to compliment the original .925 pieces we made in the beginning.” Every Spinelli Kilcollin piece, handmade from .925 sterling silver, bears the “SK” hallmark alongside ".925;” a symbol of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship that has been a feature of the brand since its inception.

Each new design created at Spinelli Kilcollin is first sampled in silver, “it really helps us to see the piece for its silhouette, unburdened by details and tonal contrast. This serves as the foundation of the design process,” says Dwyer Kilcollin. While other fine metals like gold and platinum remain staples, silver offers a more accessible entry point to the brand. Its affordability broadens the Spinelli Kilcollin experience, placing priority on the form and design while remaining attainable to a wider audience. “We’ve taken an unconventional approach in contrast to common expectations of the broader jewelry industry,” adds Yves Spinelli, “and we feel that our continued inclusion of silver has further democratized the space, which aligns with our inclusive vision.”

Silver's softness compared to other precious metals grants it a unique quality – it ages gracefully alongside its wearer. Over time, silver jewelry develops a beautiful patina, becoming “a tangible record of the experiences and memories of those who adorn it,” says Dwyer Kilcollin. Silver lives alongside us in our daily lives; its reflective properties capture moments of light and beauty, while its quick patina easily takes on a life all its own, making it a perfect canvas for Spinelli Kilcollin's artistry and conceptualism. Each piece becomes a part of the wearer's narrative, reflecting their individuality and style.

Spinelli Kilcollin's commitment to sustainability extends to their choice of materials. Silver, one of the easiest metals to recycle, closely aligns with the brand's eco-conscious ethos. By utilizing recycled silver in their creations, Spinelli Kilcollin contributes to a brighter and more responsible future for the planet. In a nod to its heritage, Spinelli Kilcollin has named past publications after this sterling silver alloy. This legacy not only honors the brand's roots but also serves as a platform to spotlight influential figures in the creative orbit of Spinelli Kilcollin.

In celebrating the launch of the .925 Collection, Spinelli Kilcollin invites you to embrace the enduring allure of silver beyond its timeless elegance. This collection represents a legacy of quality, artistry, and a commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive jewelry industry.