How to pick the perfect metal for your skin tone

Sarah Houssaini

Have you ever wondered why a jewelry piece looks different on other people? The reason behind it is that certain metals look better against different skin tones! In this article, we want to make your next shopping experience easier by helping you understand which metal color best suits your skin tone. By using these great tips, you will be sure to find the next piece you can wear with confidence!

Determining Your Skin Tone

The most reliable method to determine your skin tone is to look at the color of your veins. Start by looking at the inside part of your arm. This area of your body is fairly hidden from the sun, making your underlying colors show better.

You have a COOL skin tone when:

  • Your veins appear to be blue and deep purple.
  • You burn easily, or your skin is a pale shade with signs of redness and pinkish undertones.
  • Note that you can also fit this category with dark and tan skin!