The SK Nexus

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The SK Nexus

Honoring the last ten years, here is a look inside the five iconic rings of the Nexus Collection, a series that is not only emblematic of Spinelli Killcollin’s brand evolution, but of their unique design inspiration behind each style.

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"It’s simple. It’s chic. It’s a low profile but it looks really cool. Delicate, every day. And for anyone! Unique in it’s design attributes, it’s definitely a compliment for other pieces or the perfect understated standalone."

"The Libra Gris is such a special style because it is both remarkably subtle and incredibly distinguished. We felt it was really cool for someone who maybe didn’t want diamonds. Maybe they don’t know they like diamonds!"

"Inspired by a close friend looking to make a a wedding ring, the Sonny became our first lower profile more feminine design and quickly became an instant classic."

"The Vega SG was initially made for a close industry friend looking to incorporate grey diamonds into a custom piece. Fire and a flash of white diamonds brings out the subtle dimensionality of the grey, while the gold brings out the silver. The materials highlight the best of each other. It became our thing, to mix size, metal, gems, everything. And it became our number one ring for many years."

"We think of each ring as having its own personality and the Leo MX is a true testament to this! With so many distinct elements as a whole the ring comprises many dimensions both in sensibility and style."