Instagram Stalking: the Galaxies we Get Lost in

Posted on February 15, 2018
V I S U A L  U N I V E R S E



 A meeting point of people and visual stimuli (two of our favorite things) Instagram is, well, utterly and undeniably addictive.

So what does the SK team (intentionally) look at when on Instagram? Here, our favorite Instagrams to stalk for inspiration, a break from reality, a vacation(ish), a glimpse into the very important lives of certain animals, and so on. 




F R I E N D S  O F  F U R


@yves_the_cat "Because Yves is an amazing cat who shares my name!" -Yves



@doobiecorndog “Just check him out… He’s cute” -Jason

@baloublue "A whole family of baloubies! French bull dogs, obsessed." -Daniela

#skunksofinstagram hashtag "I'm OBSESSED with this tag and follow it religiously. I really want a pet skunk” -Yves


@hazlenut_dog "A little dog with a lot of personality" - Alexandra

D E S I G N  E Y E S

@goldalamode "Interior design blogger based near my hometown in New Jersey, she has very clean & simplistic taste that I like to draw inspiration from for home design" -Sophia

@contentisrelative “The best design team ever, it’s always interesting to see what they’re working on” -Dwyer

@totheplanetarium "The genius behind our product images finally got on Instagram last year, and one of my favorite things has been to see him develop his own voice on it. I’m so excited to see where he’ll take his feed." -Jason

@thecolorshift "Art, design & photography account with an aesthetically pleasing feed with intriguing and colorful art" -Sophia

@hydeordie "The director of the Museum of Broken Relationships has a pretty on-point curatorial eye." -Jason

@nevinespirit "A long time friend and contemporary artist who focuses on forms in carved stone" -Dwyer

@alexdacorte "...Seems to have deactivated his account, which I hope his temporary. He is a contemporary artist who shares my obsession with holidays (especially Halloween), and his posts were often very weird and beautiful images of holiday-related oddities and scenes" -Alexandra

@popmyeyes "Account with optical illusive art and photographs—lots of trippy and fun images!" -Sophia

@sally_hewett "Really incredible stitch and embroidery artist that makes life-like pieces depicting body abnormalities and imperfections that are often viewed as unconventionally beautiful" -Sophia "Art account that celebrates diversity and differences in the female anatomy—all are different but beautiful" -Sophia

@benoit_paille "Photographer who's play with light I really admire, it's a touch magical and a little trippy." -Daniela

@dromsjel  "Artist who mixes the surreal and sublime with classic retro imagery" -Daniela

@mstr_of_disguise "AnnMarie Hong is a stylist who is unique, inspiring and effortless all in one." -Daniela

@shainamote "A friend and designer who actually runs her studio out of the same building that our SK office is in! Her feed has a lot of incredible photos of interiors and art from the past—and she has a really great eye"

@tmagazine "This is kind of obvious and you probably already follow it but I think that T (online and in print and on Instagram) is managing to stay incredibly relevant and refined during a time of online slush—and their photographs are beautiful" -Alexandra


@textsfromyourexistentialist  "April Eileen Henry’s feed is perfect. I miss when she posted more frequently." -Jason

@jamieanderson "A professional snowboarder who will be tearing it up in the Olympics this year." -Jason 

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